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The Rome Psychogastroenterology Group was formed by US-based GI clinical health psychologists Laurie Keefer, PhD and Sarah Kinsinger, PhD, ABPP in 2018 based on a need to connect and support an emerging, international group of professionals interested in the clinical and scientific intersection of psychology and gastroenterology. Supported by the Rome Foundation Board, our mission is to: 1) promote the use of evidence based behavioral treatments for GI disorders internationally; 2) encourage development of interdisciplinary psychosocial GI programs in gastroenterology practices through expert consultation and lectureships; 3) connect with national and international GI organizations to enhance the visibility of GI Psychology providers and encourage collaboration; and 4) expand our field into previously under-studied areas of psychogastroenterology (e.g. inflammatory bowel diseases, chronic pancreatitis). 


Over the past four years, our group has expanded to over 400 members from around the world! About 30% of our membership is within 5 years of training and are therefore a priority for us to ensure they remain connected in this specialization. About 20% of the membership is outside of the US and we are excited to focus on increasing our international reach in 2022. About 70% of our membership our doctoral level psychologists. To become a member, please register on our website at or email at for more information.

Benefits of free membership include: 

  • Access to a robust set of shared materials for mental health professionals, including treatment manuals, slide decks, patient and provider handouts
  • A profile in the searchable Rome GastroPsych membership directory, connecting professionals and patients around the world. 
    • Searchable directory
      • Find a gastropsych practitioner (public)
      • Connect and collaborate with a colleague (members only)
  • Access to a robust list-serv focused on professional and clinical issues in GI Psych
  • American Psychological Association (APA) – endorsed clinical training programs for mental health professionals
  • Early career program which includes special programming and an early career list-serv
    1. Early career group: Livia Guadagnoli, PhD (International) and Meredith Craven PhD, MPH (US)
  • Access to regional and topically-based peer consultation and support groups
    • Peer Consultation Groups
      • Peer consultation group Complex Pediatrics: Brad Jerson, PhD and Julie Snyder, PsyD
      • U.S. based peer consultation group Complex Adult:  Co-leaders: Jessica K. Salwen-Deremer, PhD and Mandy Hyne 

        • This group will meet at 12:00pm EST on the third Tuesday of each month, starting 3/21/23. Email Jessica at Jessica K. Salwen-Deremer, PhD for the meeting link.

      • Australia based peer consultation group Complex Adult: Simon Knowles, PhD

        • This group will meet the first Friday of each month at noon AEST via MS Teams, starting 3/03/23. Email Simon at for the meeting link. Anyone who is interested in leading/co-leading this group, reach out to Simon (

      • Peer consultation group Practice Setting: Alyse Bedell, PhD and Jessica Gerson, PhD
      • Intern/post-doc trainee group: Jessica K. Salwen-Deremer, PhD and Megan Riehl, PsyD
      • Research group: Lukas Van Oudenhove, MD, PhD and Antonia Mikocka-Walus, PhD
  • Opportunities for research collaboration and mentorship


We are the first organization dedicated to training, quality improvement and promotion of research and practice in PsychoGastroenterology. A key mission of our organization Is to develop and offer high quality training opportunities for multidisciplinary GI providers on the science and practice of psychological treatments for digestive disorders. Rome Psychogastroenterology Is approved as a continuing education sponsor through the American Psychological Association, allowing us to offer continuing education (CE) credits to psychologists who participate in our live and on demand courses.

We offer: 

  • CE workshops for mental health providers at 3 levels: Basic Skills, Intermediate Skills and Advanced Training
  • A library of on-demand CE training videos
  • Virtual clinical case conferences and webinars 
  • Consultation for clinicians, investigators and practice administrators interested in developing GI Psych programs locally
  • Visiting GastroPsych scholarships 

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Psychogastroenterology for Adults

The Rome GastroPsych group is excited to announce the handbook for  Mental Health Professionals in Psychogastroenterology is now available online!

Co-written by Dr. Laurie Keefer, PhD, Rome Board member and co-director of the Rome Psychogastro Committee, this handbook is an excellent resource for all mental health professionals working with gastroenterology patients.

Pediatric Psychogastroenterology A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals

Pediatric Psychogastroenterology: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals

Coming soon from Rome Foundation Colleagues: Miranda van TilburgBonney Reed, and Simon R. Knowles:

Bringing together international experts in psychological and behavioral treatments for pediatric gastrointestinal symptoms, this book provides detailed, evidence-based protocols targeting gastrointestinal distress and associated mental health concerns for patients and their families.

The first consolidated resource on the topic, Pediatric Psychogastroenterology, gives mental health professionals access to the most up-to-date clinical knowledge and practice. Taking a holistic approach, it guides the reader on the treatment and care of pediatric gastrointestinal patients, as well as how to work with and support children’s parents and families. The book is structured around symptom presentation and common challenges, enabling the reader to focus quickly on the area of need. Each chapter includes clinical pearls of wisdom and 62 developmentally appropriate worksheets for patients and their families to facilitate treatment, available for download.

This practical, authoritative guide is an essential resource for mental health professionals who work directly with pediatric cohorts, as well as postgraduate students in health psychology, behavioral medicine, or social work.

Visiting Professor Program for Gastro Psych Training

Get hands on Training with a GI Behavioral Health Provider

Read more

Laurie Keefer, PhD | Chair
Professor of Gastroenterology and Psychiatry
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
New York, NY, USA

Sarah Kinsinger PhD, ABPP | Co-Chair
Behavioral Medicine for Digestive Health
Division of Gastroenterology and Nutrition
Loyola University Medical Center
Maywood, IL, USA

Doug Drossman, MD – Physician Advisor

Douglas A. Drossman, MD, Physician Advisor
Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Psychiatry
UNC Center for Functional GI and Motility Disorders
University of North Carolina
Center for Education and Practice of Biopsychosocial Patient Care and
Drossman Gastroenterology
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Co-Chairs, Membership & Engagement Committee

Helen Burton Murray, PhD

Laura Reigada, PhD

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Co-Chairs, Training, Education and Volunteer Opportunities Committee

Sarah Kinsinger, PhD

Kate Tomasino, PhD

Kari Baber, PhD

Alyse Bedell, PhD

Co-Chairs, Social Media & Communications Committee

Kewin Siah, PhD

Elyse Thakur, PhD

Social Media, Blog posts, Videos and Readings

Co-Chairs, Early Career Opportunities

Livia Guadagnoli, MS
Meredith Craven, PhD

Eligibility: Members in the Early Career Committee are either currently pursuing or have recently completed a graduate degree in psychology or medicine, with a focus in Psychogastroenterology. Read more

Co-Chairs, Research Collaboration

For more information about research opportunities, email the co-chairs:

Antonina Mikocka-Walus, PhD

Lukas van Oudenhove, MD, PhD

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