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Need help choosing what to buy from our store? Explore Rome’s Buying Guide today.

If you want:Then you should buy:
I want all books (all 6 books in print) Rome IV Print collection
Rome IV textbook (2 volume in print)Rome IV Volumes I and II
I want all books and online (6 books + online Rome IV)Rome IV Expert collection
Diagnostic criteria and questionnairesRome IV Diagnostic Questionnaires and Tables for Investigators and Clinicians
I want e-books(e-books sold individually on Amazon)
Rome IV content online including pediatricsRome IV online
Case based diagnostic learningAlgorithm book
Case based diagnosis slidesRome IV algorithm slide set
Case based treatment learningMDCP book
Case based treatment slides Rome IV MDCP slide set
Case based learning (Diagnosis + treatment)Diagnostic algorithms and MDCP combo
Rome IV textbook + case based Dx + treatment)Rome IV (2 vol) + Algorithms + MDCP combo
Interactive diagnosis and treatment learningGI Genius Toolkit
Interactive learning + print copies for dx/treatmentGI Genius Toolkit + Algorithms + MDCP combo
For pediatriciansRome IV Pediatric book
For Primary care or non-GIPrimary care book
Rome IV slides (taken from online Rome IV)Rome IV slide set
I want to choose slides for presentation Individual Rome IV slides
Communication 101A Video Approach to Help Clinicians
A Video Approach to Help Clinicians Rapidly Convey Key Clinical Messages to Patients with Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction (DGBI)
Communication 202The program consists of 6 clinical vignettes involving a patient’s visit to the doctor.
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