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The Rome Foundation is an independent not for profit 501(c) 3 organization that provides support for activities designed to create scientific data and educational information to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of Disorders of Gut Brain Interactions (DGBIs). Our mission is to improve the lives of people with functional GI disorders.

Over the last 20 years, the Rome organization has sought to legitimize and update our knowledge of the DGBIs. This has been accomplished by bringing together scientists and clinicians from around the world to classify and critically appraise the science of gastrointestinal function and dysfunction. This knowledge permits clinical scientists to make recommendations for diagnosis and treatment that can be applied in research and clinical practice.

The Rome Foundation is committed to the continuous development, legitimization and preservation of the field of DGBIs through science-based activities. We are inclusive and collaborative, patient-centered, innovative and open to new ideas.

For more information about the Rome Foundation, please access our booklet, Meet the Rome Foundation.

The Mission of the Rome Foundation:

To improve the lives of people with Disorders of Gut Brain Interactions

The goals of the Rome Foundation are to:

Promote global recognition and legitimization of DGBIs

Advance the scientific understanding of their pathophysiology

Optimize clinical management for these patients

Develop and provide educational resources to accomplish these goals

One-on-one with the President Emeritus

When did the Rome Foundation begin? Why was it started?

How has the Rome Foundation Changed with Rome IV?

How did the Working Teams become the Rome Foundation?

How are you looking to disseminate Rome IV knowledge?

How does the Rome Foundation get to people internationally?

What are the Rome Foundations greatest accomplishments?

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