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Friday Agenda — Presentations

Orientation (Rooker, Bach, Drossman)
Content Session (Chey, Chang, Drossman, Halpert)
Introduction to the Process of Care (Drossman and Halpert)
Dinner – Guest Speaker (Ray Mis)
  • Guest Speaker – Ray Mis, MD – 36 minutes
    Dr. Mis is a highly respected gastroenterologist who gives motivational lectures relating to how he has adapted and learned with visual and hearing impairments to work with his patients.

Saturday Agenda — Workshops and Small Group Training

Morning Session
  • Simulated Interview Demonstration of Patient and her Husband
    – Douglas A. Drossman, MD, Albena Halpert, MD, Davis Stillson – 17 minutes

    In this video Dr. Drossman interviews a simulated patient, Ms. Smith (played by Dr. Halpert) who has IBS and her husband. The members of the audience created this scenario where the husband is seen as “intrusive” to the interview process. Dr. Drossman demonstrates how he would handle this challenging interview situation and also called on the audience to make comments and suggestions.
  • Facilitated Small Group Discussion of a Difficult Clinical Interaction – 18 minutes
    This small group session involved a challenging clinical interaction presentation by a gastroenterologist. He discussed a patient who presented to his office in an angry and somewhat threatening fashion. The facilitated discussion that ensues is different from a typical case presentation since the focus is on personal reactions, thoughts and feelings. This is similar to a “Balint Group” where the participants can ask question and offer suggestions to help increase understanding of the issues and to help the presenter improve his interactions in the future.
  • Interviews with Two Patients having IBS – Albena Halpert, MD – 22 minutes
    Dr. Albena Halpert interviews two patients with IBS about their symptom history, their interactions with physicians and the impact of the illness on their lives. In particular we learn about what factors enhanced the patient physician relationship. Several key recommendations are also made as a way to move on in their lives while adapting to the illness.
Afternoon Session


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