The Patient’s experience and the importance of good communication.

The following offers insightful information about our Executive Director of the Rome Foundation, Mrs Johannah Ruddy’s, transition from illness to health.  It includes her personal journey as published in Gastroenterology in December 2018 along with a video of her experience.  Also included is a perspective on her transition by Douglas A. Drossman, MD.

Mrs. Johannah Ruddy’s Journey Video

Mrs. Johannah Ruddy’s Patient Perspective Article in Gastro

Dr. Drossman’s Physician Perspective Article in Gastro



Article on Effective Communication Skills.

The following article was a keynote presentation on communication skills written by Douglas A. Drossman MD, recipient of the David Sun Award by the American College of Gastroenterology.


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Video on the importance of good communication in the care of patients with Functional GI Disorders.

This video explains the reasons why patients with IBS and other functional GI disorders may be stigmatized by their caretakers and then effective communication techniques are provided to help physician and patient satisfaction in the care.