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Rome Foundation has identified a lack of intermediate level programs for doctors and other allied HCPs, primarily early to mid-career, who are involved in NeuroGI or are considering specializing in it. These clinicians do not have the level of support and guidance to participate in Rome Foundation activities that could facilitate their growth in this area and qualify them for Rome Foundation Fellow status. These are the individuals who have an interest in this field but lack networking, and mentoring capability. They also have no formal avenue to engage with others with similar interests and receive support. The Rome Foundation Partners program aims to meet this need by identifying these future leaders and attract them further to the field of NeuroGI, and involve them in Rome Foundation activities at an early stage at local, regional, and/or global levels.

The Rome Foundation Partners Program will offer these clinicians the opportunity to work with the Rome Foundation through this program and meet annually at DDW with Rome Board Members, Rome Foundation Fellows and other key leaders in the field of NeuroGI. This meeting and reception will provide a brief overview of the Rome Foundation and the ILC, their activities in clinical practice and research (diagnostic criteria, global study, RFRI, working teams) as well as opportunities to engage with us through the following ways.

  1. Participate in and contribute to ILC organized regional symposia and research collaborations
  2. Establishment of young clinical and research networks with RF/ILC mentorship
  3. Online webinars for RFPs
  4. Social media activities- list-serve, Twitter page
  5. An Internet Forum for RFPs to exchange ideas, initiatives, requests for counseling or mentorship, and “ventilating.”
  6. Invitation to the Rome Foundation reception following the meeting
  7. Fast track to becoming a Rome Foundation Visiting Scholar
  8. Consideration for inclusion on Rome activities including working teams and committees.
  9. 50% discount on RF products

For more information on how to become involved, contact Johannah Ruddy at and indicate your interest in the program.

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