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World famous neurogastroenterologists, scientists, and clinicians convened in Rome in November 2023 to work on Rome V

Location: Rome, Italy

Date: November 28, 2023

Close to 200 academic and clinical professionals in basic and clinical research and patient care working in DGBI convened in Rome, Italy, to work on the Rome V consensus. The work from 25 chapters and support committees representing 27 countries spent at least two days finalizing their manuscripts with the intent to publish six books and a supplement in Gastroenterology in May 2026, 10 years after the publication of Rome IV.

Rome V committee members

At the evening reception in the Westin, Douglas Drossman, MD, presented the history and growth of the Rome Foundation, detailing its evolution, notable breakthroughs, and achievements and recognizing the unique contributions and accomplishments of many of the Rome Foundation founders, researchers, and supporters.

Click on this video to hear the presentation:

Click on this video to hear the presentation

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