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Pediatric Symposium Postcard 2023

Case-based learning to highlight advances and controversies in the field.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learners will hear a review of the evidence-based recommendations for the evaluation and management of children with DGBI using a case-based approach
  • Learners will learn about new & emerging DGBI diagnosis
  • Learners will feel more confident in handling medical issues that might be considered controversial
    • Test or not Test: Endoscopy, Imaging, Breath Testing, Impedance, Motility Testing
    • Dietary management: Chasing the Z score, Enteral Tubes, Specialized Diets
    • Therapies: Behavioral / neuromodulators / neurostimulation / alternative
    • Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen: The Role of the Gastroenterologist in Overlapping Pain Conditions and Other Diseases (MALS, MCAS, SFN,EDS, POTS, etc)
  • Learners will get a full biopsychosocial approach to management from a multidisciplinary panel
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