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We share the vision of the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) in wanting to make the world free of digestive diseases and share the latest advances in GI patient care.

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**Included in sale: Rome IV Vol. I & II, Rome IV Algorithms, Rome IV MDCP 2nd Edition and 3rd Edition, Rome IV Pediatric, Rome IV Primary Care, and Rome IV Questionnaire and Tables.

Does not include digital versions of the books, Gut Feelings: Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction and the Patient-Doctor Relationship, GI Genius, and Communication Video Series.

One of the Rome Foundation’s objectives is to “develop and provide educational resources to optimize clinical management.” The new Rome Campus is designed to provide easy access to resources in our ever-growing library of on-demand  educational programs.

Here, you will find all of the lectures, videos and training tools of Rome. You can access full CME symposia at anytime or you can even claim single CME credits for free through our accredited CME educational activities listed below. We will be adding more as they become available.

Rome-IV Online Books

The Rome IV Online Collection includes web-based access to the following volumes:

  • Rome IV, Volumes 1 & 2
  • Rome IV Multidimensional Clinical Profile for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders: MDCP (2nd Edition)
  • Rome IV Diagnostic Algorithms for Common GI Symptoms (2nd Edition)
  • Rome IV Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders for Primary Care and Non-GI Clinicians (First Edition)
  • Pediatric content is within three of the books
  • Questionnaires are included in the Rome IV book

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What’s New for 3.0? 

  • Latest updates on approved GI drug treatments
  • Improvement in diagnostic pathways
  • Improved neuromodulator treatment information
  • Pediatric component completed

Knowledge at the Point-of-Care

At your fingertips, anytime you need it…

  • Top-level information on DGBI provided by Rome Foundation Experts
  • Intelligent software interactively guides users through diagnostic and treatment pathways
  • Multi-platform – smart phone,
    tablet, or laptop
  • Accessible anywhere with an
    internet connection
  • Excellent resource for
    training programs
  • Information is continually updated as new scientific knowledge emerges

You’ll get unlimited access to up-to-date, trusted information presented through diagnostic and treatment pathways developed by the world leaders in DGBI.  Learning these algorithms for education or real time with patients will improve clinical outcomes, and save time & money.

Communication 101 logo
Communication 101.5 logo
Communication 202 logo

Progressive Video Training to Optimize the Patient-Provider Relationship

Rome Foundation/DrossmanCare Video Education Series

The communication bundle is a must have for clinicians!

This video education series offer a progressive learning approach to developing communication skills to improve patient and provider care satisfaction.  Starting with the basic information to discuss with patients (101), the learner moves on to handle the most common challenging situations that come up in DGBI care (101.5).  Once these skills are acquired, the provider can learn more sophisticated methods to elicit underlying issues that generate the symptoms and the ways to remedy them (202).   The 3 videos are bundled and available at a discount.

  • Graded educational program from basic to advanced
  • Build your communication skills as you move from one module to another
  • Learn at your own pace while you gain more and more advanced skills
  • Earn 9 CME credits for completing all the programs
  • 101 tells you what you need to say to patients about their diagnoses and treatments – plain and simple
  • 101.5 helps you get through those challenging interactions when you only have a few minutes
  • 202 is a deeper dive into understanding the bases for the symptoms and the best ways to manage them
Gut Feelings Book

A Guide for Patients and Doctors

A groundbreaking book on the science, diagnosis, and treatment of the Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction (DGBI), formerly called Functional GI Disorders and the importance of effective communication skills for patients and their doctors

Gut Feelings Book
Order the color edition now for only $39.95!

Gut Feelings is broken down into four easy-to-read sections:

  • Part 1: A Conceptual Understanding of the History, Philosophy, and Scientific Basis for the Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction (DGBI)
  • Part 2: The Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction (DGBI)
  • Part 3: Maximizing the Patient-Doctor Relationship. This section includes key elements to optimize the patient-doctor relationship with a guide for patients about self-management, and what they should do to maximize the care they are to receive, including problem-solving techniques.
  • Part 4: Information for the Doctor. This section is designed for the doctor and discusses aspects of shared responsibility and ways to use the book as a guide in working with patients.

The scientific explanations are presented in simple-to-understand terms, and many of the vital educational elements include the patient’s perspective. There are also case histories and videos to bring to life the learning experience. Special features include a glossary to aid patients in understanding technical terms, beautiful illustrations, cartoons, and a resource page to find top-tier clinical programs that see patients with DGBIs.

Rome Foundation’s Brain-Gut Axis Card

Do you need to explain the Brain-Gut Axis to your patients?

Download this free card with video link.

Brain-Gut Axis (English, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew)

Fill out the information below to download the card.

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