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Program Description

The Rome Foundation, in collaboration with the AGA Institute, held a one and ½ day clinical skills workshop, Improving the Medical Interview and the Physician Patient Relationship with Patients Having Functional GI Disorders at the Siena Hotel in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on June 8-9, 2012. The goal of this workshop was to help clinicians enhance their communication skills and optimize their interactions with patients having IBS and other functional GI disorders. This workshop was led by Douglas A Drossman, MD, president of the Rome Foundation; Lin Chang, MD; William D. Chey, MD and Albena Halpert, MD.

The workshop was attended by gastroenterologists, pediatricians, physician assistants as well as representatives from the pharmaceutical community. The agenda included content lectures on pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment and management of functional GI disorders, situational role plays, trigger-tape videos as well as small group sessions where participants were given the opportunity to experience the skills they had learned.

Specific Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the pathophysiological, diagnostic and treatment aspects of patients with IBS and other FGIDs
  • To understand how to conduct a patient-centered biopsychosocial interview that optimizes time and enhances the patient-doctor relationship. This will include: active listening, establishing rapport, setting the agenda, learning verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, emotional handling, and learning to validate, negotiate, and problem solve issues with patients
  • To learn cross cultural differences in communication and apply methods to obtain more effective interactions.
  • To learn how to manage “difficult” clinical situations (e.g., anger, dependency, clinical uncertainty, emotional distress, reports of abuse, etc.)

This workshop is supported by educational grants from:

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