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Dr. Drossman presented at the Colombian Association of the Digestive System – November 2017

Pictured from left to right: Maria del Pilar Chaparro, Dr. Douglas Drossman, Dr. Luis Pineda and Claudia Rojas at the Rome Foundation booth in Bogota, Colombia.

Dr. Drossman recently spoke at the Colombian Association of the Digestive System (ACADI) annual conference in Bogota, Colombia. Over 300 GI physicians from around the world came to hear him discuss his approach to the care of patients with FGIDs and also about ROME IV’s new products, services, and initiatives. He was invited to speak by Dr. Luis Fernando Pineda, President of the Colombian Association of Gastroenterology, and the director of a medical center with 12 clinical physicians, where he has a special interest in care for patients suffering from FGIDs. Dr. Pineda set the tenor for the whole conference with his well-received and heartfelt inaugural lecture entitled, “Compassion, Empathy, and Medicine,” which highlighted the importance of patient-centered care and the need for caregivers to learn to communicate empathetically with patients—two approaches that The Rome Foundation has long promoted.

Dr. Luis Pineda playing piano in Colombia
Dr. Drossman’s lecture covered the following topics: 1)Understanding and Managing Patients with severe abdominal pain; 2)An update on Rome IV featuring MDCPs, algorithms and toolkit; 3)Use of Central Neuromodulators in FGIDs; 4)Improving the physician/patient relationship through effective communication. Networking and communicating are the best ways to ensure that patients around the world benefit from the great work being done with medical research and care. Thanks to the hospitality of dedicated physicians like Dr. Pineda (who also entertained us with his talented piano performance) and his GI organization ACADI, The Rome Foundation was able to further its mission of improving the lives of people with Functional GI Disorders.

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