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Annual Digestive Disease Week held in San Diego furthers DGBI research and patient care

At the Annual Digestive Disease Week®  (DDW®) in San Diego in May, Board members and staff were busy furthering our mission of improving the lives of people with functional GI disorders. Committee work, booth work, and industry meetings on new projects filled everyone with excitement for what the future holds for improved patient care.



Rome Foundation Board members were hard at work, discussing and outlining the upcoming edition of Rome V that will be published in 2026. Updating scientific evidence and revising medical information on the DGBI and the Rome Criteria is one of the major functions of the Rome Foundation. These updates evolve over a 5-yr. period, are peer-reviewed, and rely on obtaining recent scientific evidence and using consensus (Dephi approach) to create a variety of educational documents. Learn more about the upcoming Rome V  here:

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