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Rome Foundation Mission Statement

To improve the lives of people with Disorders of Brain-Gut Interaction (formerly Functional GI Disorders)

The goals of the Rome Foundation

  • Promote global recognition and legitimization of DGBIs
  • Advance the scientific understanding of their pathophysiology
  • Optimize clinical management for these patients
  • Develop and provide educational resources to accomplish these goals

Scope of Sponsorship:

Corporate sponsorship funds will be used to support the general Rome Foundation activities, projects and initiatives, excluding the Rome Foundation Research Institute.

Annual Fee:

The amount become an industry sponsor of the Rome Foundation is $50,000.00 per calendar year. There are no other levels of sponsorship. Financial statements will be provided to Industry Sponsors upon request.

Benefits of industry Sponsorship

    • Pre-release access and opportunity to review Rome committee recommendations on Rome criteria revisions
    • Pre-release access to all academic documents
    • Acknowledgment in all marketing publications and projects
    • Collaboration on educational activities of interest
    • Ability to become a Rome Foundation Research Institute sponsor
    • Waiver of licensing fees on use of Rome Foundation research instruments and intellectual property for use in clinical trials. (e.g. Bristol Stool Scale, IBS-SSS, Rome Diagnostic Criteria, etc.)
    • Participation in annual advisory meetings with opportunity to present at the Annual Rome Foundation Advisory Council at DDW
    • Attendance at Rome Foundation sponsored conferences
    • Opportunity to sponsor and participate in symposia and meetings
    • Attend as a visiting Scholar with Rome Board member practice
    • Discount on bulk orders of Rome products
    • Access to all Rome Informational and educational products
        • Rome IV books
        • Rome IV online
        • GI Genius
        • Communication Program resources, including Communication 101, Communication 202, and other Rome Communication publications


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