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Webinar for Gastroenterologists in Middle East countries on What’s New for Rome IV by Douglas A. Drossman MD, William Chey MD and Lin Chang MD.

This webinar is shown in two parts.

Acino Webinar 1: Lectures January 2018

In the first part Dr. Drossman discusses the history and activities of the Rome Foundation and Rome IV.  Following this Dr. Chey discusses the esophageal and gastroduodenal Rome IV diagnoses.  Following this Dr. Chang discusses IBS and constipation.

Acino Webinar 2: MDCP and Q & A January 2018

In the second part Dr. Drossman moderates a panel presentation of clinical cases using the Multi-Dimensional Clinical Profile (MDCP) followed by a question and answer period.  Need this for spacing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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