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The Rome Foundation is pleased to provide the following educational products for purchase in our online store.

Multi-Dimensional Clinical Profile (MDCP): For the Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders

2nd Edition

Clinicians need to integrate the variety of factors that create the patient’s unique clinical profile in order to optimize the outcome. Treatment requires an approach that is multi-component, multi-dimensional and individualistic. Now for the first time the Rome Foundation has developed a unique and practical approach to treatment of FGIDs: The Multi-Dimensional Clinical Profile (MDCP).

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ROME IV: The Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders

4th Edition

Rome IV, the highly regarded, comprehensive body of knowledge for general and specialist physicians, investigators, and others who study and care for the patients with functional GI disorders.

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Rome IV Slide Set

The Rome IV Slide Set brings to life information from the Rome IV book, and also updates this information from the recent scientific literature. The Rome IV Slide Set is the product of a multi-year effort by international clinicians and investigators to cover the entire field of functional GI disorders. Buy the entire slide set including the diagnostic criteria or purchase individual slides. Discounts apply for bulk orders.

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Primary Care Book

For many years, the Rome Foundation has heard from primary care physicians that our educational materials are “too complex, cumbersome, and not efficient” for practical day-to-day use. Taking this as a challenge, in 2010 the Board of Directors prioritized the effort to find ways to learn more about how primary care physicians understand and approach diagnosis and treatment of FGIDs. This led to formation of the Rome Foundation Primary Care Committee, which published two articles on how non-gastroenterologists see FGIDs, and this eventually culminated in the Rome IV primary care book.

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