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Videos & Presentations

The following series of videos were filmed at PER studies for a webinar on IBS and the use of communication skills.


PER Communication Segment 1

This segment reviews the clinical features of IBS and demonstrates the use of the Multi-Dimensional Clinical Profile (MDCP and the GI Genius).

PER Communication Segment 2

This segment presents a lecture on effective techniques to improve the patient-provider relationship through better communication and then provides a video that demonstrates an ineffective and effective interview.

PER Communication Segment 3

This segment presents a case report ‘Katie’ and discusses her management using both medical treatment and effective communication skills.  Following this we see Katie’s video describing her experience in the care and the value of patient-provider relationship.

PER Communications Segment 4
This segment presents Johannah Ruddy’s story of post-infection IBS.  She describes not only the illness but her experience of management by her doctors.  The video is stopped at various parts to allow for panel discussion of effective and ineffective use of communication skills. 

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