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Patient Educational Q & A

On this page are short videos in which we answer questions posed to us by patients and providers

Questions from 2/19/2021

1. What is the functionality of gut neurotransmitters? What is their role in DGBI? What is their relationship to neurotransmitters in the brain?

2. Will an anti-depressant really help my abdominal pain if I’m not depressed?

3. How can I get my doctor to listen to me and believe me when I tell them about my symptoms?

Questions from 3/25/2021

  1. How can patients and providers improve their relationship?
  2. As a doctor, what is the best way to let a patient know that we may not be able to address all of their issues in one visit?
  3. How can I set reasonable expectations with patients about the management and progress of their conditions?
  4. What role does chronic stress play in DGBI?
  5. How can patients and providers move past the stigmatizing “it’s all in your head” mindset of DGBI?
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