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Johannah Ruddy, M. Ed.

Mrs. Ruddy has over 20 years of nonprofit experience, mostly working with large, national health-based nonprofits as well as governmental organizations. Mrs. Ruddy joined the Rome Foundation as Executive Director in 2017 and works with the President, COO and Board of Directors to create and promote new programs and educational initiatives as well as manages the day to day operations of the Foundation. She is the liaison with industry contacts as well as potential sponsors and works closely with them to ensure a smooth relationship. Mrs. Ruddy oversees all public aspects of Rome Foundation and coordinates the Clinical Symposium, lectureships and other major medical conferences such as DDW and UEGW. Mrs. Ruddy writes grants for a variety of Foundation program support and is currently acting as the Administrator for the new Rome Foundation Research Institute.

Mrs. Ruddy graduated from the University of New Mexico with a B.S. degree in Political Science and Pre-Law and from New Mexico Highlands University with an M. Ed. in Curriculum Development and Special Education K-12. Prior to joining the Rome Foundation, Mrs. Ruddy served as the Executive Director of the American Academy of Pediatrics, New Mexico Chapter and the American Heart Association, as well as other large nonprofits throughout the Southwest. She lives in Wake Forest with her husband and two children.

As a patient advocate, Mrs. Ruddy works to provide the patient perspective to Rome programs and educational materials. In 2018, Mrs. Ruddy’s personal patient perspective article was published in Gastro. She has participated in faculty panels for webinars as well as serving as a co-facilitator in small group trainings for clinicians, offering the patient perspective on patient/provider communications and the burden of illness.

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