Jasmine is a native North Carolinian and joined the DrossmanCare team in 2018. Her background is in social work and this allows her special insight into some of the hidden causes of our patient’s disorders. She functions as an Executive Assistant to Dr. Drossman in his role as President of The Rome Foundation and at Drossman Gastroenterology. She will continue as assistant to Dr. Drossman’s new role after DDW – President Emeritus and Chief of Operations for the Rome Foundation.

Jasmine attended Chowan University in Murfreesboro, NC and went on to further her education at Houston Baptist University on a cheerleading scholarship (which she still enjoys today!).  She was the Director of Social Services for seven years and crossed paths with The Rome Foundation and DrossmanCare numerous times, but it wasn’t until a family member was having issues with PTSD that she sought to play a more active role in this field.

Jasmine enjoys spending time with her family, her black lab Bella, listening to live music, and writing poetry in her free time. She has a passion for learning the “why” behind a person’s actions and has always known that she would find a career that involved helping people.