rookerCeciel Rooker
Director of Public Relations



Ms. Rooker joined the Rome Foundation in early 2008 to assist with marketing and public relation. She is responsible for branding as well as all print materials for the organization. Working with the President and the Board of Directors, she serves as a liaison with industry contacts as well as potential sponsors. She also organizes all public aspects of the Rome Foundation; including exhibit booths at educational conferences as well as Clinical Symposia and lectureships at DDW and UEGW.

Ms. Rooker is also currently working with the UNC Center for Functional GI & Motility Disorders as the Center Administrator and Director of Public Relations, Development and Clinical Services as well as with the Functional Brain Gut Research Group as the Managing Editor of their Newsletter.

While not working, Ms. Rooker enjoys spending time with her three girls Mokie, Memi, and Yoshi.